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Introduction to Yoga

Sunday 20th January 2019

It’s the time of year when resolutions are in the forefront of your mind.

If you have been wondering whether the practice of Yoga would be something you may like to explore, you might like to join me for a morning of Beginners yoga.

In this lighthearted workshop, I will share with you some of the basic principles of yoga, so that you feel confident and happy enough to either attend a regular class or to begin a routine at home.

Insomnia Workshop

Saturday 10 November 2019

Insomnia is such a common problem. Most of us will go through spells of it at some time or another.

For some people it is a chronic state that seems to have taken control of their life and in some cases, has ruined their day to day happiness.

In this workshop, I will explore with you some of the common causes of insomnia.

Learn to Fly - A Playful Workshop

Sunday 25 November 2018

All work and no play, makes life boring!

It is important in life to find new roads, new interests and new horizons, it keeps the passion alive!

In this very fun workshop, you will experience some joyous hip openers, you will connect to your inner strength, both physically and mentally and from there, you will see your confidence and playfulness shine forth.

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Establishing a Regular Home Yoga, Meditation or Relaxation Practice

Sunday 14 October 2018

The Best Day Yet...Every Day!

We have our own reasons for attending that first yoga class or for purchasing that first yoga DVD. Some people do so with every intent of making a change to the way they feel or look or to combat a health challenge.

Whatever the intention, when things crop up, life 'happens' and tiredness sets in, circumstances can seem to conspire against the good intention you may have had...

This workshop will show you how to keep a regular yoga, relaxation, or meditation practice going and allow you to become the changes you wish to make.

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