Home Practice Toolkit

Followed daily, this course will inspire you to gain the benefits of a regular and structured practice of Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama in the comfort of your own home, and at times that suit you!

Includes over 2 hours of video practice:

  • Introduction Video.
  • Morning practice to get you started - 25 minutes
  • Gentle and complete practice (with props) - 25 minutes
  • Daily meditation practice - 15 minutes
  • Daily pranayama practice - 15 minutes
  • Daily relaxation practice - 15 minutes

Also Includes Comprehensive eBook and a Yoga Freedom online class credit (see below)


Insomnia Rescue Toolkit

This course can be listened to during the night, when you are struggling to get back to sleep, or practiced at points in the day in preparation for sleep or as a respite to increase your energy levels during the day.

Over 90 minutes of video and audio practice:

  • Introduction Video
  • Calming Restlessness - 26 minutes
  • Support to Stillness - 20 minutes
  • Yoga Nidra - 24 minutes
  • Candle Meditation - 15 minutes
  • Breathing Relaxation for Sleep (audio)

Also Includes Comprehensive eBook and a Yoga Freedom online class credit (see below)


FREE Live-Online Class Credit with Yoga Freedom

As a gift to you for purchasing either of these courses, I would love to invite you to attend one of my weekly live-online classes for free. They are delivered via Zoom. The classes are warm and welcoming. Suitable for complete beginners through to anyone who practices at an intermediate level.

Here is what Hilary, a student of a few years has to say about the Yoga Freedom online-live classes…

“I just wanted to say that I meant what I said at the end of the class. Through this pandemic, for me you have been a shining light, offering hope, inspiration and something firm to hold onto in the storm. There always seems to be a little gem shared with the class, deepening our understanding of how yoga is working for us. The classes are something to look forward to, chatting with friends on line until the time when we can all meet again."

Yoga Anytime - Downloadable Video Classes

I am passionate about sharing the benefits and life changing gifts that a regular practice of yoga brings to one’s life.

I am also aware that your schedule may mean that although you might like to practice yoga with me; your schedule does not fit into the timetable of my In-person or Online timetable. To help you to stay connected, I will be releasing some pre-recorded classes for you to download and to keep.

I plan to release the videos periodically, so do check back often, or subscribe to the free Yoga Freedom online Newsletter to be informed when a new video is available.

The videos vary in length and are graded by level for ease of choice. Eventually, there will be a library for you to choose from.

Let It Linger

A Level 1/2 Yoga Anytime Video


Health & Vitality Meditation

A Yoga Anytime Video Suitable for all levels


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