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Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a technique that will lead you into the state we all naturally move into just before we drop off to sleep, where the conscious mind becomes inactive but the subconscious and unconscious areas of the brain are still fully alert.

There are many benefits that can be gained from a regular practice of Yoga Nidra, including the improvement of your physical, mental and emotional health, aided by the deep relaxation that is induced.

Also, a renewed feeling of personal empowerment which will help you to move into new areas of life; leading to positive life changes.

Yoga Nidra is said to reduce insomnia and stress. It is also a great tool for managing pain in those suffering from a long term or intense illness. Old thought processes or behavioural habits, such as reoccurring negative thought patterns, can be changed and eliminated over time, which consequently leads to an improvement in the quality of life.

As the aim of Yoga Nidra is to induce complete stillness throughout the body and the mind, it is advised that you remain completely free from movement during the practice.

I offer one to one Yoga Nidra sessions, where I can work with you on a personal level. If you are interested in finding out more, please do get in touch.

What will happen during your Yoga Nidra Session?

A Yoga Nidra session can be tailored towards a group of individuals, with the general theme being one of relaxation and emotional release, or it can be tailored towards the specific needs of an individual, for example a session can be used to aid the recovery of, or to gain some relief from, a specific illness. A session may be used to enhance learning capacity, or as a tool to advance one’s spiritual practice.

Yoga Nidra is practiced in a warm, dark room, which is neither too hot nor too cold; the room should be quiet and free from external noise and distractions. It may be beneficial to use a pillow and a blanket to aid your comfort because as you relax the temperature of your body will drop dramatically. It is also recommended that you should lie on a matt in relaxation pose, with the palms upper-most as this will eliminate stimulation of the brain through the fingertips and palms.

I Also offer

  • Events

    Yoga Freedom offers regular monthly and bi-monthly Yoga and relaxation events in Kingsthorpe. The wonderful community of Yoga Freedom students also come together annually, to celebrate the autumn and spring equinox and the summer and winter solstice. Christmas is a time for getting together and relaxing too, so why not look out for the Winter’s Deep Chill event.

  • Workshops

    If you wish to explore a more educational aspect of yoga, from deepening your practice and understanding of the postures, to understanding how you can use yoga to assist your sleep, Yoga Freedom runs regular workshops to support you on your journey. As you deepen your understanding of Yoga you will improve your life through connecting on a deeper level both on and off your Yoga mat.

  • Classes

    Yoga Freedom runs a choice of daytime and evening weekly classes, that are suitable for all levels of ability. Through experienced and sympathetic guidance, you will find the best of your self. The classes are fun and friendly. With over 11 years of teaching experience behind me, I have a wealth of experience to call upon, to ensure that your personal journey with yoga will be both enjoyable and fulfilling.

  • Courses

    Yoga Freedom offers occasional 6 week mini courses to get you started on your journey to health and wellbeing. I run these courses by demand, so please do let me know of your interest and I will let you know when the next course is scheduled. These specialist courses will deepen your understanding of the benefits, physically and emotionally as you move towards better health and improved vitality.

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