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Yoga Health Questionnaire

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(Unless you are experienced at yoga, it is advisable to wait until your first scan before commencing a class)

Yoga Cautions

Please read the yoga cautions listed below.

  • Never practice yoga if you are feeling unwell.
  • Always listen to your body and never work into any pain.
  • If you have any kind of back pain, it is advisable to gain a diagnosis prior to starting classes. If it is ok to continue, please ensure that you bend your knees when lifting back into an upright from a forward bend, or when lowering a foot to the floor from a raised position.
  • Stop and rest if you feel tired or dizzy at any time during the practice.
  • Allow a long and deep breath to flow throughout the practice, as a short and shallow breath could indicate that you are moving further into the stretches, than is of comfort to you.

I promise I will never share your details with anyone unless legally required to do so. All data is handled in accordance with the Yoga Freedom privacy policy.

Carrie-Anne Bridel and Yoga Freedom can accept not responsibility for loss or injury incurred during the practice of yoga, either online or in person. Please follow the caution advice given by the teacher and do not continue the practice if you feel unwell. Please do consult with a health practitioner or GP if you have any condition that may affect the safety of your practice or if you are new to exercise.

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