How Yoga found me...

I have been practicing yoga for over 27 years now and I have made it an essential part of my daily life.

My yoga journey first started when I would watch short segments of Yoga demonstrations, that made it onto Morning TV. I quickly recognised how it made me feel and progressed to buying a DVD, where for a while this was my teacher.

I recognised the peace yoga brought to me as a continuation of the peace I had felt as a young girl, when I would sit quietly and find stillness. I had an innate ability to feel a connection with a peace that seemed beyond me.

Because Yoga felt so familiar to me, in 2007 I decided to take my journey to another level and sought training through the Inner Healing School of Yoga; to become a Yoga Instructor and Yoga Therapist.

My education continues though the attendance of classes and workshops and also through reading countless books. The passion I have for yoga is always growing and I could never tire of journeying deeper and deeper as the years move on.

My biggest teacher though has always been my dedicated personal practice. There is no better teacher than to experience your own ups and downs, and to learn to work with them and not against them. You will see yourself a new each and every day. Learning to adapt to, and to accept things you may not want to face, is another area of transformation that one can’t help but make, when yoga has become a regular and dedicated practice.

My Qualifications

2009 Yoga Teacher Training Diploma with Distinction - inner Healing School of Yoga

2010 Reiki Mastership - Usui Tradition of Natural Healing - Karen Churchill Reiki Master

2013 Yoga Therapy Diploma with Distinction - Inner Healing School of Yoga

2014 Gong Mastership and Sound Therapy - The Way of the Gong - Don Conreaux Grand Gong Master

2019 Chakra and Aura Healing Level 3 Diploma Centre of Excellence - Distinction

2019 Crystal Healing Level 3 Diploma Centre of Excellence - Distinction

2020 - Sound Healing Diploma Centre of Excellence - Distinction

2021 - Crystal Healing diploma and Mastership in Crystal Healing with the Gill Conway of the Haven of Peace Light School

My day begins…

Each morning I take to my yoga mat and work through a practice that I base around my energy levels and physical needs on that particular day. Therefore the practice I take each day, has a transformative effect so that I feel my very best each and every day.

As a result, Yoga has become a best friend. It has supported me when times are hard, or when my body has had to work through challenges, it has also helped me to achieve more than I ever thought possible, physically, mentally and emotionally.

As I type this, I am 47 years old and I can honestly say, I am stronger, fitter and happier than I have ever been.

Education and progression…

I have been teaching Yoga since 2009 and in 2014, I took the plunge and decided to make my Yoga business a full time venture, allowing me to focus more on delivering the very best training I can, as my business has flourished.

More than matter…I have always been fascinated by the energetic side of life. Recognising through physics, yogic philosophy and also personal experiences, that we are more than just physical matter. Everything in life, whether it be a thought, an action, a reaction, or a consequence, has manifested due to an energy shift, either consciously or unconsciously.

We take on board energetically and physically the experiences we have encountered in our life and Yoga has been a way to reset and reclaim the authentic and pure energy that allows for full health.

Because of my understanding of energy flows and the importance they have in maintaining optimum health, I have also become very interested in the power of Sound Healing and Energy Healing such as Reiki and Crystal Healing to bring a deeper aspect into the way I use energy for health.

Having completed Gong mastership training in 2014 I now understand more about the power of sound, and I use sound as a healing modality both as 121 healing sessions and through regular Sound Healing events for groups of students to enjoy.

Taking my knowledge of energy further, I completed my Reiki Mastership training and I use Reiki regularly to keep my energy clear and uplifted. Delivering this amazingly reassuring energy in Group sessions and through 121 healing therapy.

In 2019, I decided to use the power of the healing energies of Crystals to further assist with my own personal journey of health and wellbeing. This journey has resulted in my gaining a Crystal Healing Practitioner Diploma and further Crystal Healing Mastership, which I completed in July 2021.

Just for you…

Offering Yoga 121’s as a way of personalising the practice for a student has become one of the most rewarding sides of my job. I have seen how people have grown and transformed through the time they have spent on their own personal journey.

You can find more information about the energy healing modalities I use throughout this website.

Throughout the years I have been teaching, I have been blessed with a wonderful student base and the classes I hold have now developed into a little community of like minded and wonderful individuals. A large number of my students attend more than one of my classes each week, and through interactions with others, so friendships have been made, and long standing commitment has flourished. My students are finding the power of Yoga, sound and friendship is fulfilling and enriching their lives on a daily or weekly basis.

It is my vision to be able to spread the word and lifestyle of yoga to as many people as possible. Because of that, I regularly hold FREE meditation evenings for anyone who wishes to come and learn more about Meditation and the use of the breath as part of a healthy and balanced life.

I do hope my story has inspired you to look a little deeper into ways you can enrich your own journey, whether that be through Yoga or through any other passion you may have in life.

We all need to feel that what we bring to this world is worth while in some way, and that will look different for each one of us.

Passion is the spice of life.

Thank you for taking time to read my story. I would love to welcome you to a class or a healing 121 therapy!

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