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Transformational Journey - Workshop Series

Saturday May 16
Saturday June 13
Saturday July 11

Journey your way to better health - 3 Series of Yoga and Vibrational Sound Healing Classes.

Come and welcome in the New Year, as your best ever self!

Discover how you can find a feeling of health and wellbeing, simply by moving your body mindfully and then resting in the glow of your inner peace!

We will flow through a gentle, yet inspirational yoga class, that is designed to clear away the cobwebs and leave you feeling inspired and energised. Moving intelligently from floor based postures through to empowering standing poses, you will emerge fully grounded in your strength and confidence.

Using the vibration of Mantra as you practice, you will begin to re-align and cleanse your inner energy on a deeper level.

We will finish the yoga class with a meditation that will prepare your body for the last 30 minutes where you will relax deeply, whilst receiving the gentle Sound of the Gongs and Crystal Singing Bowls.

There will be no break between sessions so your energy will move effortlessly through from the Yoga and Meditation to the sound relaxation, with no break in concentration.

This Workshop will be held online using the Zoom interactive conferencing platform. It is easy to sign up and download and is free to use.

Zoom enables me to see you (should you decide to enable your camera, which is optional) otherwise, you will just see me.

You can sign up for Zoom here



It is important that you ensure your environment is appropriate for a variation of moves, such as wide hip openers and or a wall you can use for support and safety. Yoga Freedom can accept no liability for any loss or injury caused during online classes. Class attendance is subject to the completion of the Yoga Freedom Health disclaimer that is available here. Please do return prior to the start of the class.

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Saturday May 16 - £15
Saturday June 13 - £15
Saturday July 11 - £15

All 3 Sessions - £40

Please arrive promptly for a relaxed start. Bring a blanket and a pillow for the relaxation. You may want to bring some water with you for the class.

Or Pay via PayPal

Transformational Journey Workshop Series

Yoga Freedom reserves the right to cease the delivery of these sessions at any time. Sessions are subject to the completion of a short health questionnaire.

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Yoga Freedom offers regular monthly and bi-monthly Yoga and relaxation events in Kingsthorpe. The wonderful community of Yoga Freedom students also come together annually, to celebrate The Autumn and Spring Equinox and the Summer and Winter Solstice. Christmas is a time for getting together and relaxing too, so why not look out for the Winter’s Deep Chill event.


Yoga Freedom offers occasional 6 week mini courses to get you started on your journey to health and wellbeing. I run these courses by demand, so please do let me know of your interest and I will let you know when the next course is scheduled.

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Yoga Freedom runs a choice of daytime and evening weekly classes, that are suitable for all levels of ability. Through experienced and sympathetic guidance, you will find the best of your self.

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