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Walk the Talk - Spiritual Progression Masterclass

I am delighted to be hosting a new Master Class once a month on Monday evenings in Kingsthorpe. Or via Zoom!
I have had to delve deeply into my self over the last 18 months or so, in order both remain grounded but also keep my spirits and energy high.

Like a lot of people, this effort can begin to wear thin and I have seen a lot of people becoming extremely fatigued and unable to lift themselves into a feeling of optimism and vitality.

Because of this, I have decided to run some specialist classes, where we aim to take the spiritual journey to the next level.

This will be a class, where you will progress from experiencing the benefits of your practices, confined to just the moment of practice, into living them on a more constant basis.

I would love to share with you how I broke free from my old coping strategies and found a new road to personal empowerment and freedom.
We are human beings with emotions, habits, needs and desires that we need to navigate.

We can learn moment by moment how to become authentic and true to our individual journey.

Surrender, presence and gratitude are the keys!

But how do you maintain those things in walking reality?

What does it really mean to be doing those things on a moment by moment basis?
If you can take a second to ask yourself these questions...

  • Have you ever really found any lasting and meaningful transformation from your spiritual practices?
  • Do you feel that you just repeat the same things over and over again and are left looking at the same challenges?
  • Do you feel like your health, wellbeing and happiness are slipping away, or are centred around the wrong things?
  • Can you spot your triggers before they harm you?

Would you like to be able to...

  • Become aware of the moments you zone out, you know the ones! The difficult times, that you can't be present with.
  • Stay connected to the feeling you get, directly after a wonderful workshop or class, but continuously and through whatever is happening in your life.
  • Feel as though you are gaining strength through your practices; a little more every day.
  • Learn how to navigate around your own inner conflicts to liberate yourself from your burdens.
  • Actively utilise the energy and presence of your practices to build a better future for yourself.
  • Understand how you can be happy inside, when you see so many people hurting or in pain.
  • Recognise the power you have to make changes, by working on yourself first.
  • To see and to become, real transformation!

On this monthly Master Class you will be using...

  • Gentle and intelligently sculptured Yoga practices: To build strength physically, for your continued heath and wellbeing.
  • Meditation: To integrate your Higher Self with your Earthly self to increase your intuition and inner guidance and truth.
  • Energy therapy of your subtle body: Using Sound, Reiki and Crystals to bring a balance into your mental, physical and emotional bodies.
  • Open Discussion: To enlighten your heart and to explore the pathways you must navigate to be able to overcome some of the daily obstacles that you feel are repeatedly holding you back.
  • We will delve deeply into the reality of what it means to actually transform your life, not just in the moments when everything is going ok but more importantly, when everything seems to be falling apart.

Gong relaxation

Come along and discover the gifts you have, the strength and resilience you hold and the light you shine into each and every day!
Numbers are limited to keep this Masterclass small and intimate so booking in person prior to the event is required.

To book your place, please contact me stating the date or dates you wish to attend.

Payment will be required to secure your place.

Monday 20 June
Monday 18 July
Monday 15 August
Monday 12 September

Time: 7-8.30pm

Venue: Church of the Holy Trinity, Balmoral Road, Northampton, NN2 6PH

The cost of each class:

£12 to attend in person.
£9 to attend via Zoom.

Please note that when paying by PayPal, there is a charge of £2 and £1 respectively. An option to pay via Bank Transfer is available on request to save you this booking fee.

As numbers are limited, payment is required upon booking.

When you attend, you get a £10 discount for each of the therapies I offer if booked within 4 weeks of the event and subject to availability.

I can't wait to move into a better future with you all, regardless of what is happening outside.


You will need...

Please do bring your blanket and something to lie on. A drink of water if you would like one and a pillow!

*Please do not attend if you or anyone you live with, has symptoms of Covid-19 or a cold.

*Payment secures your place and is non-refundable. Should you be unable to attend in person, If I have been able to re-allocate your booking to someone else, then it may be possible to reschedule you to another event, at the discretion of Yoga Freedom and subject to availability. You may like to attend one of my online zoom classes as an alternative. I regret the Gongs do. not come across very well on Zoom, so this session is unavailable via zoom.

Choose your attendance option

When purchasing by Paypal, please do ensure your correct email address has been input, and please do check your junk folder upon purchase, because my reply emails do occasionally get placed there by mistake. The email button contains an additional £2.50 booking fee.

I will contact you within 48 hours of your booking to arrange a convenient time for your appointment. You can alternatively contact me here.

Should you prefer to book via bank transfer, you can contact me here to make your booking.

Yoga Freedom reserves the right to cease the delivery of these sessions at any time. Sessions are subject to the completion of a short health questionnaire.

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