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Learn to Fly - A Playful Workshop

Sunday 24 November 2019

All work and no play, makes life boring!

It is important in life to find new roads, new interests and new horizons, it keeps the passion alive!

In this very fun workshop, you will experience some joyous hip openers, you will connect to your inner strength, both physically and mentally and from there, you will see your confidence and playfulness shine forth.

Hip openers help to remove resistance, while a move to ignite your core and self will, will strengthen your resolve, both physically and mentally.

You will also explore how to engage your arms and legs correctly in a number of commonly used poses, to encourage a strong and safe practice and to give you action points that will help you to achieve flight.

You don’t need to be super strong to attend this workshop as most of the power lies within the ability to understand and channel your energy and balance correctly.

We will have time to explore Galavasana - The Flying Pigeon, Bakasana -Crow Pose, Tittibasana - Firefly and Astavakrasana - Eight Angled Pose.

This is a playful workshop and it does not require you to actually be able to complete these poses.

I will share with you ways you can begin to train your body towards finding them effortlessly, so even if flight evades you on the day, you will have tools at hand to inspire your journey onwards.

We will close the session with a 30 minute Sound Meditation and Deep relaxation, to bring you gently back down to earth.

If you have a wrist, hip or lower back complaint, please do get in touch before making a booking to ensure that this workshop will be safe for you.

The workshop is limited to 10 places only and the cost is £40 per person

10.00am - 11.30am: Warm up and preparation
11.30am-12.15pm: Exploring Flight
12.15pm-12.30pm: Refreshments and preparation for rest.
12.30pm -1.00pm: Sound Relaxation
1.00pm - Close

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me.

The session will take place at:

Hardingstone Village Hall
High St

Doors open from 9.45am for a prompt 10.00am start.

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Cost: £40

Payment is required to secure your place so do contact me if you would like to book. Alternatively you can call me on 07984 191016 or email

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