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4 Week Course - Tuesday Evenings

Does your every day life feel like an effort?

Do you find yourself getting stressed or anxious without the means to soothe your anxieties?

You already practice yoga but you find the breathing is just so difficult!

This short 4 week course will help you to establish a strong connection to your ‘natural’ breath.

Most of us, when we begin to focus on the breath, feel a subconscious need to control it. Learning to be in the flow of your authentic breath is both calming and reassuring. It also increases energy, leading to a greater sense of confidence and deep inner stillness.

This course will be beneficial to you if:

  • You practice yoga and find it very difficult to connect to the breath.
  • You suffer from stress, anxiety or panic attacks.
  • You suffer from insomnia, headaches or digestive issues associated with stress.
  • You feel fatigued for no real reason

** It is important to add that should any of the above medical conditions relate to you, I would advise that you visit your doctor, prior to attending the course.**

I will teach you a short yoga sequence that is designed to help you to find your natural breath.

You will receive breathing techniques that you can practice at home, each designed to bring about a specific change in energy.

I will share with you guided meditations to encourage a calm space and an increase in the awareness of your own body and the messages it gives to you.

You will also enjoy deep relaxations designed to help you to move towards a calmer and more empowered existence.

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Date to be confirmed - please check out the Workshop page for updates regarding two new Introduction to Yoga Workshops that will be coming soon!

Course Venue:

Church of the Holy Trinity
Balmoral Road

Cost: £55

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If you wish to explore a more educational aspect of yoga, from deepening your practice and understanding of the postures, to understanding how you can use yoga to assist your sleep, Yoga Freedom runs regular workshops to support you on your journey.


Yoga Freedom offers regular monthly and bi-monthly Yoga and relaxation events in Kingsthorpe. The wonderful community of Yoga Freedom students also come together annually, to celebrate The Autumn and Spring Equinox and the Summer and Winter Solstice. Christmas is a time for getting together and relaxing too, so why not look out for the Winter’s Deep Chill event.

Weekly Classes

Yoga Freedom runs a choice of daytime and evening weekly classes, that are suitable for all levels of ability. Through experienced and sympathetic guidance, you will find the best of your self.

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