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Crystal Therapy Treatments

As your Crystal Healer, I have qualified to include 2 Crystal Therapy Diplomas and have now furthered my training to include Mastership Level Crystal Therapist.

As we continue to evolve and change; energetically and spiritually, I am committed to continue my training.

I would be honoured to help you to support your body’s journey and your life as a whole, towards a sense of purpose, fulfilment and healing.

A Crystal therapy treatment is non-invasive and is extremely relaxing.

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You will relax onto a treatment couch, with a blanket and soft music.

During the treatment, I will balance your chakras and your energy bodies, checking for holes, chordal attachments or negative energy accumulation; that may be causing your physical and energetic bodies to become unbalanced.

Using intention and by the placing of crystal stones on and around your body, I will encourage a clearing, re-charging and re-aligning of your energetic fields; leading to a balance and radiance being felt within the physical body.

Your energetic fields will be realigned to the single note of the Earth, helping you to be grounded and held lovingly within this physical world.

I will also infuse your light bodies with more light, enabling a higher purpose and activation to raise your conscious level and understanding of yourself and the world around you.

You may benefit from Crystal Therapy if you:

  • Feel low on energy or if you are suffering from fatigue.
  • Are suffering from chronic illness that is being treated medically, but that you would like further support in managing.
  • Just want to relax.
  • You wish to find a new path towards a more spiritual connection, within your daily life and beyond and would like to do some Soul searching.
  • Spiritual life coaching.

Believing that you are living this life for a purpose, and that you are a being of energy and light, the Crystal Therapy treatments I offer, also connect you back to your original Soul blueprint; enabling you to re-establish the lessons and plans you originally made when deciding to come to the Earth in your physical form.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to know more about the amazing benefits you will find.

A Crystal Treatment is a wonderful way to support your well-being, whether that be physically, mentally, emotionally or energetically.

As with all energy treatments, should you have any specific medical concerns, I would always recommend that you contact your GP prior to your treatment, to make sure that you are receiving comprehensive and complete care for your health and well-being.

Treatments include an initial 10 minute consultation at the start of each treatment and are held at my Northampton treatment room - Address will be given upon booking.

I also offer. Sound Therapy, Yoga Therapy and Reiki Healing from my treatment room.

I Also offer

  • Events

    Yoga Freedom offers regular monthly and bi-monthly Yoga and relaxation events in Kingsthorpe. The wonderful community of Yoga Freedom students also come together annually, to celebrate the autumn and spring equinox and the summer and winter solstice. Christmas is a time for getting together and relaxing too, so why not look out for the Winter’s Deep Chill event.

  • Workshops

    If you wish to explore a more educational aspect of yoga, from deepening your practice and understanding of the postures, to understanding how you can use yoga to assist your sleep, Yoga Freedom runs regular workshops to support you on your journey. As you deepen your understanding of Yoga you will improve your life through connecting on a deeper level both on and off your Yoga mat.

  • Classes

    Yoga Freedom runs a choice of daytime and evening weekly classes, that are suitable for all levels of ability. Through experienced and sympathetic guidance, you will find the best of your self. The classes are fun and friendly. With over 11 years of teaching experience behind me, I have a wealth of experience to call upon, to ensure that your personal journey with yoga will be both enjoyable and fulfilling.

  • Courses

    Yoga Freedom offers occasional 6 week mini courses to get you started on your journey to health and wellbeing. I run these courses by demand, so please do let me know of your interest and I will let you know when the next course is scheduled. These specialist courses will deepen your understanding of the benefits, physically and emotionally as you move towards better health and improved vitality.

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