As many of you may remember, I have been writing articles for this website for many many years and, as they have been so popular, I thought I would collate them into an e-book for you to enjoy. I will be selecting the best articles and the ones that have drawn the most attention.

I aim to have this ready for you towards the beginning of next year so watch this space!

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Benefits of Swan Stretch - Cakravakasana
Benefits of Swan Stretch - Cakravakasana Come into a kneeling position with your big toes touching and your knees and heels apart. Rest more
7 Benefits of Practicing Yoga
Hello yogis. It is worth baring in mind that there are many forms of yoga and each one brings with it, it's own unique journey and more
When you're feeling 'All at Sea" at Christmas time!
Hello Yogis! In this issue, you will find... * information regarding the timetable of classes over the Christmas period. * more

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