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Poem of Gentleness - Carrie-Anne Bridel


To Be Gentle

Emerging with softness, fluffy and full of feeling, I feel tingles arrive as I surrender to the heart of inner peace.

I can be alive with this gentleness, at peace with this gentleness. 

It is to me, a blessed arrival upon the nurturing doorstep of release.

Leaving no room for fear, anger, judgement or control.

I feel the tender touch of her silky smooth sentiments, driving away the harshness of past moments in time.

Love spills out, gratitude  looms and a sense of complete belonging, protection and security surround me.

When connected to her wonder, I need nothing more than to experience and appreciate before me, each second of her enlightenment, enticing a deeper surrender towards her power.

Stay with me, don’t let me fall into harshness!

Like an angel’s wings engulfing me, I cannot be tempted to stray from her grasp!

Have a peaceful Christmas and New Year! 

Lots of Love - Carrie-Anne.

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