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Have you ever stopped to think...


Have you ever considered how amazing the process of life actually is?

Imagine spinning plates, all keeping the perfect speed, at a frequency that allows them to stay in position. So many factors in any one moment could knock them off balance and…smash!!

We are very much like spinning plates. On the smallest level, our bodies operate on a very intricate balance of subtle vibrations. These vibrations can be detected scientifically. 

The energy running our physical system, can fluctuate in a seconds thought, a moments scare, or the flash of a smile from someone we love! 
When we are feeling balanced, and happy, when we feel life is in harmony with our deepest feelings and desires, this state influences a positive state of health and wellbeing within the physical body. 

Day to day stresses begin to affect the natural frequency and balance of the body and over time can begin to cause a lowering of that frequency. When the energy in a particular part of the body becomes too low for a sustained amount of time, the imbalance can lead to the some of the most common stress related illnesses of our time. 80-95% of illnesses today are stress related or have been brought about by diet or environmental conditions. 

Though very very rare, It has now been proven that a person can actually die from a broken heart! That is purely an energetic change that has happened within the body, due to strong emotions that the body is finding hard to process, thereby lowering the frequencies and energy field within the body. 

Helping you to heal.

I have been working with sound for around 4 years now and I continue to be amazed by the results I see from the wonderful students who experience the gong and sound healing evenings I run.

Using Yoga and other systems to bring about perfect health has so fascinated me that I am currently taking a Diploma on using frequencies from Sound Healing to Colour therapy and Crystal healing, to begin to bring back to balance the natural health of the body. Using the Chakra System, I will aim to help the body to find its own healing energy and help you to stimulate your body into full health.

I will eventually be offering one to one healing sessions but I have put together a wonderful evening of Sound, crystals and Yoga that will help your body to find a healthy frequency and vitality!

In the mean time, you can begin to bring about health every second of your day by taking care of your life in the simple ways listed below.

The food you eat. 

As the food you eat contains its own frequency, what you choose to eat will immediately impact on the energy and frequency your body is a-tuning to. If the food has been carefully grown and is in its natural state, the energy of the food will be pure and vibrant.

The colour of the food resinates at a frequency that will blend with the chakra system, and energy body, thereby bringing about a natural balance so eat food of all colours!

Intention plays a huge part in frequency too. If you cook with loving intention, you will be feeding the food with a heightened energy for health.

The water you drink.

We are mostly water; upwards of 60%, with parts of the body such as the lungs being nearer 85% water, therefore the water that we consume is a vital source of energy. 

Water has been proven to attract energies close to it, for example, I read of an experiment where a small, perfectly sealed vile of poison was dropped into a jug of pure water and left to stand. The water was then given to rats and the rats died as if they had been given the poison. On testing the water, it was clear of any poison but the vibration of the water in the jug had changed and aligned with that of the poison so it had the same effect on the energy system of the rats and killed them. 

Our drinking water has passed through many people before it arrives at our tap. It is also forced to move unnaturally around sharp corners as it travels through the pipework. The pipework is located under the ground and is channelled under houses, roads, and places of work, so the water is absorbing all the energies of the places it is passing through, without any daylight to bring it to life! By the time the water reaches your glass, it is lifeless and full of contaminants. 

You can purify your water by using a filter and squeezing half a lemon into it. This will bring instant life back. You can also place crystals within the water to bring the frequency up, and even placing beautiful words on a piece of paper and sticking it to the jug of water that you are leaving to stand, will lift the waters life giving energies.

Your thoughts and actions.

Each second, the thoughts in your head, create a lifting or lowering of the frequencies in the body, so as you become more conscious of your thought patterns you can begin to keep your vibration high by focussing on those thoughts that make you feel good.

Allow your relationships to be harmonious and in line with your truth. Speaking and listening with kindness to others brings in the element of intention and your relationships will improve with your constant and loving attention to higher vibrations.

Choose nature over technology.

EMF frequencies that are released from electronic devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, and tablets, can react negatively with the body's energy system. Try turning off your devices and wifi router whenever possible and enjoy walking in nature as much as possible as this will rebalance your natural energy. Why not choose a stroll in the park, rather than a scroll through the internet!

Above all, be kind to yourself and to others. You are your body’s best friend and no one can or will look after it like you can! 

With loving vibrations Carrie-Anne.

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