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Forgiveness - A poem



For me to forgive you, I must first forgive myself. 

Each time you make me angry, I am angry within myself. 

Each time you cause me pain, I place the pain within myself.

Your negative words, I hear through my inner voice inside my own mind. 

Even when you are far away, I keep your painful reactions so close to my heart. 

I choose to sit quietly with the calming flow of each healing breath. 

I choose to feel the loving and forgiving beat of my own heart.

In this space, in this moment, I see you as the hurt inside your own heart and offer compassion. 

Sending a healing light of unconditional acceptance to the inner child you are. 

I release your pain back to the Universe, asking the light of the moon’s motherly love to dissolve it for you. 

Illuminating a new road ahead, where you are free to step into your own loving power and where I feel free to be my energy, free from holding that which is not mine. 

With love and light - May you shine! 

Xxx written by Carrie-Anne Bridel

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