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Motivation is easier than you think...


Hello Yogis.

Last month I shared with you some tips on how to keep your energy high and your summer glow well into the Winter months.

This month, I want to continue that journey by sharing with you some tips for keeping your motivation high.

I have been asked about my personal motivation and whether I struggle sometimes to get on my yoga mat or to keep my eating habits healthy. These tips are ones I personally turn to, to ensure I am feeling my best and working each day, towards the best ‘me’ I can possibly be.

1. Make sure the changes you are aspiring to, are the changes ‘you’ actually want to make.

It is an easy mistake to make, you decide you need to improve on this or that, maybe your aim is to stop smoking or to start a new exercise routine, just because you feel you should and not because you want to! 

Maybe someone is hounding you! Even if they are genuinely concerned for your wellbeing, if the motivation is coming from them and not you, it will be harder to stick to the plan.

Take a few moments, with a pad and pen and write down the changes you wish to make and also the reasons for those changes. If the changes are for health reasons, be sure to note how much better your life will be if you can embody those changes. 

Sometimes it does help to do something for someone you love, maybe you want to run around more with your children or grandchildren these may be genuine incentives for you.

Either way, being clear about your feelings and connecting with yourself, with honesty and with a sense of worth, will help to lay down the correct path for success.

2. Make small changes to start with.

Completely changing your diet or way of life is very difficult. Start by cutting out some of the things that are not helping your health or wellbeing and replace them with healthier alternatives. You will find it easier to stick with small changes rather than feel you can’t eat anything you used to eat or that you have to exercise for hours a day!

If you are bringing in a new exercise routine, make sure to do a small amount every day, 10-20 minutes is all it takes and it is far better for you than a single one hour block per week. 

Be sure to have written your motivation down in your notepad and have decided the reasons for this change.

3. Make a mental note of how good you feel, once you have achieved even one aspect of your chosen goal. 

It maybe that you have cut out sugar and have gone one whole day or even gone from 3 cups to 1 cup of tea with sugar in it. 
Slow and steady wins the race. 

Be sure to note down in your book, your achievements and how they make you feel. You can then read back on these for motivation in the future.

4. If you break your ‘rules’ for one day, don’t beat yourself up. 

Guilt and self loathing won’t help to keep your energy high and it will be harder for you to muster up the motivation from this point on. 

Just make a note that you felt better after completing the achievements you have made over previous days, and stay with that energy instead. 

Read back through your notebook of achievements to regain your motivation.

5. Don’t think too far ahead.

If you want to see lasting results, you have to create a habit. If you have an end goal of wanting to lose 5 stone and to be able to stand on your head, you may find that mountain too large. 

Trust that small changes, every day will lead you to your goal and be proud of yourself. Getting fitter and healthier is a journey and it is a rewarding one.

Habits take a while to form and they take a while to change too!

6. Spend time with people that naturally support your goal! 

You may want to join a fitness class or a weight watchers group, where you will find support and guidance.

People who are naturally ‘into’ or are passionate about the changes you are making can be great motivators; without even trying and just by being in their company, you will be walking the walk and talking the talk before you know it! 

A word of caution, don’t see their achievements as a mountain you have to climb, instead, draw from their enthusiasm and let it lift your motivation higher!

If you have decided on some changes as you move towards Christmas and the New Year, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will try my best help you on your journey.

I always love to hear your feedback.

If you are serious about your goals, you may be interested in a Workshop I will be running on 21st October, aimed at helping you to establish a regular practice of Yoga, Meditation or Relaxation. Do get in touch if you feel you may find this helpful. Full details of the workshop can be found here.

With warmest of wishes.


Keeping that summer feeling alive!


My tips for keeping your energy high and that summer buzz alive!

The nights are drawing in and the sunshine is trying hard to stay strong but you don't need to fall into darkness.

I have put together a few tips for keeping the summer glow well into the winter months.

Enjoying the journey through winter can be easier than you think!

Below are a few tips I have found useful over the years.

I hope you will be able to use some of them as a pathway towards your inner sunshine.

Get outside!

When the weather turns grey, we tend to want to batten down the hatches and sit tight. There is nothing like a walk, even in the rain, to enliven your spirit. As children, jumping in puddles and getting covered in mud was fun! Why not try to connect with your inner child and see the joy in simple things.

You will receive daylight directly onto your skin, which will lift your mood. As you walk, stress hormones are reduced and your body will feel calmer and stronger.

Don’t be scared of the cold or the wet, dress appropriately and enjoy the feeling of the rain or fresh air on your skin. It beats the feeling of being cooped up day and night for months on end!

A weekend walk through nature is a great way to let the mood of winter lift away. I used to love getting muddy boots and a red nose, while picking berries and crunching through leaves!

Join a fitness class or hobby group!

As we hanker down, loneliness slips in and social activities move to the back burner. Join a group or fitness class to keep your social scene active and to keep you motivated!

You will find boredom is a distant memory as your attention is drawn towards the things you really love and that light your inner spark, rather than focussing on the grey weather and cold snaps!

Eat plenty of colourful foods!

We are what we eat. It is easier to eat light foods full of colour in the summer months but the cold weather can mean food cravings turn to heavier foods that can further deaden your appetite and energy levels. 

If time is limited, try having a smoothie once a day (home made smoothies are cheaper and easier), or if you prefer a cooked breakfast, have some raw or colourful foods to complement. I start my day with scrambled egg, avocado and raw tomatoes, sprinkled with seeds and a drizzle of olive oil. 

Check out my favourite smoothie recipes here.

Make the most of the early mornings!

As the days get darker for longer, getting out of bed on a dark morning can be really difficult.

In reality, this is the perfect time to get your energy moving, either with an exercise DVD or a brisk walk outside (whatever the weather). You will have strengthened your body, your immunity and your health and improved your mindset before heading off for the day! It will also help you to sleep better. Give it a few weeks to become a routine and you won’t look back…trust me!

When you do settle to watch the TV, be really choosy about what you watch.

Some of the soaps can be very depressing. Instead, try to find programmes that are packed full of fun and sunshine, laughter or lightheartedness. They will lift your mood instantly and you will sleep soundly.

Get to bed at a reasonable time!

I know I always say this, but it is one of the best things you can do. Your body will fall into a natural rhythm and balance and this alone could be enough to keep you energised, all winter long!

I hope you find these tips helpful!

With lots of love.


3 favourite smoothies for supporting energy and vitality!


Would you like to improve your energy and feel your best, as you move through the ageing process?

After reaching my middle 40's I have noticed changes arising, in particular hormonal changes that can impact on the quality of life. 

It is possible to support these changes through a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet.

I have always eaten healthily but of late I have felt the need to support these changes by improving my diet. 

Replacing some cooked or refined foods, with more wholesome, raw and natural alternatives, I have seen my energy levels rocket and I can honestly say, that combined with a regular yoga practice, I have never felt stronger, fitter and happier! 

One change I have made has been the introduction of fresh smoothies into my every day diet. Below, I have listed 3 of my favourite recipes. 

Inner Sunshine!

1/2 banana

1/2 papaya fruit

2 kiwi fruits

1 spoon chai seeds

1 palm of cashew nuts

Filtered water or milk alternative to required consistency.

Vegetable boost!

1 large cooked beetroot

1 large tomato

1 palm of spinach

1/2 avocado

2 strawberries

1 palm full of nuts (any kind as long as they are unsalted/un-roasted).

Filtered water to required consistency.

Beach Party!

1/2 mango

1 banana

1 palm cashew nuts

1 t spoon chai seeds.

1 palm blue berries, blackberries or raspberries.

Coconut water or coconut milk to taste. Filtered water to bring to required consistency.


If you prefer your smoothie to be cold, try keeping the red fruits, strawberries, raspberries etc, in the freezer and the water in the fridge. It really helps to add a wonderfully refreshing chill to the smoothie. You could always add some ice if you are eating bananas that should not be kept in the fridge.

Maybe you will feel the same benefits I have felt from drinking these delicious drinks.

Lots of love!


Summertime - A Poem by Carrie-Anne Bridel



Days drawn out in warm sunshine; as smiles from heaven above.

Birds fill the air with soothing voice and clouds, light and fluffy, add softness to a heart - now filled with love.

Stillness softens my heart and soul as the heat melts all stresses away, 

To bring about solitude, peace and soothing presence - and belonging to every day.

Making the most of this time of arrival - "at last we’re here", they say.

Now's the time to let your hair down, now’s the time to play!

Friends gather around in the warm night air - warming hearts as they bond together.

Laughter sings out from house to house, a joining of this night - forever.

Wildlife, hidden all winter long, has emerged, just to take part; butterflies, dragon flies, flowers and trees, in the fullest of life; as it starts…

Like natures changing canvas, reflects the creator behind the scenes.

Delivering the most amazing joys, this world has ever seen.

By, Carrie-Anne Bridel July 2017

Can you feel it?


If you want to improve how you feel about your body, your life and every experience you ever have...then read on!

Summer is well and truly here and I hope you are enjoying the sunshine.

As the summer time fills your senses with colour, sounds, sights and sensations, and maybe a few strawberry teas to tickle the taste buds, did you know that underneath every experience you have, the quality of your breath is being influenced...

You can't think a thought, utter a word, or experience a sensation without your breath being influenced.

The breath relates directly to your nervous system. When you think or feel something exciting or alarming, your breath will be influenced directly and this will trigger the fight and flight response or sympathetic nervous system. Likewise when you are relaxing or an event makes you feel at ease, your rest and renew state or parasympathetic nervous system will be activated.

Did you know that you can choose which of these two states you would like to experience at any given time?

By learning to manipulate your breath, you can decide how to feel!

I have put together a short 4 week course aimed at helping you to connect more consciously to your breath.

You may also be interested in this course if...

Every day life feels like an effort?

You find yourself getting stressed or anxious without the means to soothe your anxieties?

You already practice yoga but you find the breathing is just so difficult?

It is never too late to change the quality of your life, your health and your experience...

If you would like more information or you would like to book do not hesitate to contact me.

> Full Course Details

With warmest wishes.


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