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Reiki Healing involves the channelling of Universal Energy or the unseen ‘Life Force Energy’ to bring balance and harmony back into the body, allowing the body to heal itself from within. This technique promotes relaxation and reduces stress.

Reiki can be used alongside conventional medicine to help an individual retain their energy and feel better during periods of illness or stress.

Reiki for You

Whether offering Reiki Healing on a One to One basis or via group relaxations, I have found Reiki to be very beneficial in the relief of and treatment for, stress related illness and other medical conditions.

Reiki is a supportive energy that allows the channeling of ‘Life Force Energy;' the energy we all have, to move around the body, and to bring a balance and a support to the body’s energy and natural healing system.

As a result the body is supported in the healing process. The relaxation response that is experienced while receiving a Reiki treatment, further adds to it’s benefits.

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Become a Practitioner - Reiki Healing Training Weekends

I have been practicing Reiki for around 15 years and having achieved my Reiki Mastership Level 3 Reiki Qualification in 2016, I am now qualified to attune students to Reiki 1 and 2, allowing them to channel this wonderful energy themselves, either as part of a professional career or for personal use.

I run occasional Reiki attunement weekends throughout the year, where you will enjoy learning how to channel this wonderful energy.

Should you wish to request more information about becoming a Reiki Practitioner yourself, please do not hesitate to contact me

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