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WORKSHOP - Combating Insomnia


Insomnia is such a common problem. Most of us will go through spells of it at some time or another. 

For some people it is a chronic state that seems to have taken control of their life and in some cases, has ruined their day to day happiness.

In this workshop, I will explore with you some of the common causes of insomnia.

Many daily stressors contribute to the inability to let go of the day and to rest properly.

I will share with you simple ways you can begin to prevent falling into the insomnia cycle. You will learn restful tools, allowing you to manage a night when you find that you just can't sleep. 

A technique known as Yoga Nidra is a deep relaxation technique that will carry you through even the most difficult night. 

One hour of Yoga Nidra deep relaxation is the equivalent of 4 hours sleep; in terms of rest for the body and mind!

Yoga Nidra encourages the body to sleep and allows the mind to rest within a state of gentle awareness. I will lead you through a short Yoga

Nidra session during the workshop to help you to let go of the physical and mental tension that may be keeping you awake each night. You can then practice this technique at home.

This workshop will introduce you to some gentle yoga poses; known to relax the body and mind, so you can get back into bed and fall sleep.

You cannot force yourself to fall asleep, you have to allow yourself to fall asleep! - This workshop will help you to do just that!

Tea and biscuits will be served during the morning.

You will need to bring with you the following items:

2 pillows, 2 LARGE Towels and 2 Blankets, and a Yoga Mat. Should you need me to lend you a mat, please let me know and I will ensure I have one for you. -These items will be used as props, you won't be getting wet! 

I anticipate this workshop will fill up quickly so do let me know if you wish to book your place.


Hardingstone Village Hall




Time: 10.30am - 1.30pm - Please arrive promptly for a relaxed start.

Saturday 8th September 2018

The cost of the workshop is £40.

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