Yoga For You

Are you suffering from Back Pain, or stress? Maybe you are looking to build upon and move towards a regular yoga practice?

Yoga for You, will ensure you gain a greater sense of wellbeing, and an improved quality of life!


Yoga in the Workplace

Break up the day with a Corporate Yoga session!

Yoga Freedom offers a variety of yoga sessions that can be taught in a workplace environment, each tailored to meet the specific needs of those taking part.


Weekly Classes

I offer regular weekly class sessions at local venues around Northampton

If you find the days and times of the sessions I provide are not convenient to you, I am able to offer more classes in order to meet growing demand.


Gong Relaxation

Sound therapy sessions

Sound healing works holistically by helping to bring back a state of natural balance to the body, as the vibrations of sound pass through the body on a cellular level, the body begins to heal itself.